Parkbus Corporate Program

Outdoor Adventure for Your Team

Unplug and Recharge: Connecting Teams through Outdoor Experiences

Take your team on an adventure with our hiking trips.

Bond, relax, and enjoy nature!

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No cookie-cutter adventures here! Tailored to your team's interests and goals, our adventures are meticulously crafted. Whether it's a scenic hike, a team challenge, a winery tour, or a fireside networking session, we ensure an unforgettable and purpose-driven experience.

Parkbus has been running outdoor experiences and hiking all-year-around trips since 2009 serving tens of thousands of people across three provinces. With professional outdoor guides at the helm, we ensure a purposeful outing for your company.


Hiking is proven to have many health benefits, encourages physical activity, and contributes to team members' overall fitness. Spending quality time in the great outdoors reduces stress and calms anxiety.

Stepping into a natural environment distinct from the home/office setting offers a refreshing perspective that can inspire innovation and new ideas among team members.

Pay It Forward

A percentage of every corporate trip directly contributes to our programming, enabling subsidized access for newcomers and individuals with limited income to join our trips. Through programs like NatureLink, we offer trips for newcomers to build skills and confidence in the outdoors.

Your participation not only elevates your team spirit but also extends support to others, granting access to people who otherwise can't afford our trips. In Parkbus we believe that everyone has a right to access the great outdoors. Together, we pave the way for inclusivity and accessibility on a trail.

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