Algonquin Park

Algonquin Park

Bigger than the State of Delaware, Algonquin is Ontario's popular park and a world-class destination offering adventurers and comfort seekers alike their ultimate outdoor experience

275 km From toronto
3-4 hours
Coach seating

Ticket Prices

  • Regular rate$147
  • Students / Seniors $132
  • Children$74
  • Regular rate$96
  • Students / Seniors$86
  • Children$48

Coach seating, AC, bathroom

Stops in Algonquin Provincial Park


Lake Opeongo

Lake Opeongo offers some of the best paddling in Algonquin without the need to portage your canoe. You'll find beautiful island campsites, intimate bays, sandy beaches, and secluded creeks with an abundance of wildlife. You can pick up your camping permits right at the bus drop-off (but make reservations in advance!). Algonquin Outfitters offers rentals on location. Note that on windy days, it is not suitable for beginner paddlers and use of the water taxi is recommended.

Estimated Arrival
12:20 PM

03:00 PM

Pog Lake / Whitefish Campground

Pog Lake campground located closer to the east side of the par, offering more private campsites and a great alternative to the bigger and busier campground at Lake of Two Rivers. It is also the access point for Whitefish Group Campground. The campgrounds are connected to Coon Lake, Lake of Two Rivers and Mew Lake by a rail trail (former rail line), popular with cyclists. Please note that we only offer a stop here until Labour Day.

Estimated Arrival
12:00 PM

03:20 PM

Lake of Two Rivers Store

Conveniently nestled right between Lake of Two Rivers and Mew Lake campgrounds, we stop in between the two, at the Store & Cafe parking lot. There is a short trail that connects to both campgrounds from there, and a nearby beach and to Highland Backpacking Trail.

Estimated Arrival
11:45 AM

03:30 PM

Canoe Lake

Algonquin Outfitters Canoe Lake Store (formerly the Portage Store) is one of the most popular canoe access points in the park. The store will help you with all your outfitting needs, while permits are also issued right there, so you'll be on your way to explore the vast network of lakes in no time.

Estimated Arrival
11:30 AM

03:45 PM

West Gate

The official entrance to Algonquin Park! Please note that NO trails start from this location, and we do not do personalized drop offs to any trailheads.

Estimated Arrival
11:15 AM

04:05 PM

Wolf Den Bunkhouse

Prefer a roof over your head? The Wolf Den Hostel & Nature Retreat is the perfect spot for anyone who wants to connect with nature. Comfortable, communal and affordable - a great home base for any adventure. Walking distance to Oxtongue Lake.

Estimated Arrival
11:05 AM

04:15 PM

Oxtongue Lake

Located 5km west of the park entrance Algonquin Outfitters Oxtongue Store is great spot to start your paddling adventure or a hiking trail - even if you are coming for a day. This is our recommended day trip option.

Estimated Arrival
11:00 AM

04:25 PM

Pickup Locations In Toronto

34 Asquith Ave (Yonge-Bloor)

34 Asquith is located about 100 meters from Bloor-Yonge subway entrance (Yonge Street Entrance).

07:30 AM

Estimated Return
08:20 PM

Major Mackenzie & Hwy 400 Carpool Lot

The pick up point is located at the MTO carpool parking lot. The bus will pull in right besides the bus stop located at the parking lot.

08:15 AM

Estimated Return
07:30 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there overnight options for non-campers?

Yes! However, due to their popularity, you need to make reservations well in advance.

Wolf Den Bunkhouse (705) 635-9336 is an extremely popular option as they offer cozy cabins, private and semi-private rooms. While technically they are located about 6km from park's entrance, the natural setting is very similar, with many hiking trails and canoe rentals available within walking distance (give them a call to inquire). Oxtongue Lake Algonquin Outfitters base is about 10min walk down Hwy 60.

While Wolf Den is the only location where Parkbus currently stops, Algonquin Lakeside Inn, Blue Spruce Inn as well as Blue Spruce resort are located within walking distance.

If you are looking for roofed accommodation inside the park, there are 3 high-end resorts, including Killarney Lodge, Arowhon Pines Resort, and Bartlett Lodge. While we do not stop right at their properties, they can normally offer a shuttle service to and from Lake of Two Rivers Store, or Portage Store - two of our official stops.

Can Parkbus offer extra stops on demand?

Unfortunately we cannot do it for many reasons, including safety, liability and our agreements with the park and our partners. However, we are constantly reviewing our operations, and if you have any suggestions or ideas, including new stops for the future, do get in touch!

Are there places to buy food / camping equipment?

If you are staying at Lake of Two Rivers, or Mew Lake campground: Lake of Two Rivers Store is one of our stops, and offers basic grocery items (mostly non-perishables) and camping supplies. The adjacent restaurant also sells fast-food type items, such as hamburgers, ice cream, fries, pizza, etc.

If you are starting or ending a canoe trip at Canoe Lake, the Algonquin Outfitters store there offers similar products and services. Do give them a call in advance to make sure they have what you need, there are no other options around!

Is there cellphone reception in the park?

While spotty and unreliable, it has been (un)fortunately improving over the last few years. You will get best reception, and sometimes even 3G/LTE on top of hills, or in middle of some larger lakes. Ultimately, it depends on your operator - in the same place, one cellphone can have 3G connectivity, while another would be getting no service at all.

Can I bring pets on the bus?

We generally allow pets on the bus to Algonquin, as long as pet ticket is bought ($10 each way), the pet is transported either in a carrier or with a muzzle, and the owner assumes responsibility for a cleaning fee in case their pet makes a mess on the bus.

Dogs must be on the leash when in the park.

Are there bears? How do we hide our food overnight without a car?

There are bears in the park, although they generally avoid humans, and your chances of seeing one are extremely slim. Check out official Ontario Government publication (BearWise) on avoiding bear encounters.

Bears, raccoons, chipmunks and other wildlife are attracted to human food, and you must take precautions. If you are staying at Lake of Two Rivers, Mew Lake or Pog Lake Campgrounds, park staff offers use of food lockers free of charge to Parkbus passengers. Lockers are placed in several locations around campgrounds (usually next to comfort station), and require a key which can be obtained at park office with $25 refundable cash deposit.

How much luggage can we bring on the bus? What about bikes?

We mostly run 56 seater passenger buses on this route, and generally you can bring suitcases, backpacks, coolers, and other camping equipment. We allow up to 2 bikes per bus, on first-come, first-served basis where you have to email us ( in advance and reserve your spots.

Folding bikes, and folding/inflatable kayaks do not require pre-approval as long as they do not take more space than a large suitcase would - if you are not sure, give us a call! Regular canoes and kayaks are NOT allowed as they will not fit.

Fireworks, firewood, and firearms are NOT permitted on board or in the luggage compartment.

Is there bathroom on board? Do you make a stop on the way?

There are bathrooms on board most buses. We also make a 15 min stop about half way into the journey to allow passengers a quick visit to fast food, washrooms, etc on the way.