1. Refunds are only granted when a cancellation is requested more than 14 days prior to the scheduled departure. In such cases, a 90% refund will be issued, with 10% withheld for payment processing fees.
  2. Orders are transferable, meaning that you can change the passenger name up to 48 hours before departure.
  3. Requests for refunds, future credits or date changes made less than 14 days before departure will not be honored, except in the case of a last-minute medical emergency.
  4. If a medical emergency occurs within 14 days of departure, passengers must fill out a form to request a refund. If the request is approved, a 50% refund will be granted.

IMPORTANT: You alone are responsible for your safety in the park - many dangers exist, natural and man made. We are not responsible for your safety and well-being in the park, unless you are signing up for one of our guided programs. If you miss the return bus, you may become stranded in an area with no cellphone reception and will be responsible for arranging alternative transportation. We are unable to follow up on missing passengers - be sure to leave your trip plan with someone who will raise alarm if you get stranded in the wilderness.


Parkbus cannot be held responsible for personal injury or property damage resulting from transportation or activities undertaken by passengers at destinations. All passengers are responsible for arranging their own stay at destinations, and are responsible for their own safety and security.

PROHIBITED ITEMS: Firewood, firearms and fireworks are not allowed on board or in the cargo area.


Kayaks are not permitted, except for folding kayaks, subject to pre-approval (please call). 1-2 bicycles may be allowed per bus, subject to space availability and pre-approval (please email before booking your ticket to verify availability - no bikes will be allowed without pre-approval).


Pets may be allowed on the bus subject to space availability and pre-approval.

For the safety of all passengers, pets owners should be ready to have a muzzle or a crate with them. $10 pet fare applies per one-way trip.


Your bus ticket is valid only for travel on the bus and date(s) shown.

Receipt is required for any exchange or refund (subject to charges).

Times and dates shown in schedule or elsewhere are not guaranteed.

In case of necessity, we may cancel a bus or substitute alternate transportation without notice.

To ensure all passengers' safety, we reserve the right to inspect all baggage.

You are responsible at all times for your carry-on baggage.