Georgian Bay Islands National Park

Georgian Bay Islands National Park

Bus + Ferry

This route is currently unavailable - all seats are sold out, or no more buses are scheduled for this year.

Discover the world's largest freshwater archipelago, consisting of 30,000 islands, spectacular landscapes, the rugged beauty of the Canadian Shield and cultural history dating back 5,000 years.

200 km From toronto
2.5 hours
coach bus

Ticket Prices

  • Regular rate$129
  • Students / Seniors $116
  • Children$65
  • Regular rate$84
  • Students / Seniors$75
  • Children$42

Coach bus + ferry to/from Beausoleil Island

Stops in Georgian Bay Islands National Park


Honey Harbour General Store

The bus will drop you off in Honey Harbour, the town that is the closest to Georgian Bay Islands National Park, which can only be accessed by water. The boat to and from the island is included in your bus ticket.

Estimated Arrival
10:00 AM

05:45 PM

Pickup Locations In Toronto

34 Asquith Ave (Yonge-Bloor)

34 Asquith is located about 100 meters from Bloor-Yonge subway entrance (Yonge Street Entrance).

07:30 AM

Estimated Return
07:40 PM

Major Mackenzie & Hwy 400 Carpool Lot

The pick up point is located at the MTO carpool parking lot. The bus will pull in right besides the bus stop located at the parking lot.

08:05 AM

Estimated Return
07:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the park from bus parking? Do I need to make a boat reservation?

The transportation the island is included with your bus ticket. Please be advised that bikes or pets are not allowed on the boat. On some dates, the transportation will be provided by Parks Canada Daytripper ferry, which will be reserved just for Parkbus passengers. On other dates, when Daytripper is not available, a private operator based in Honey Harbour marina is being contracted out to provide the boat transportation.

Is this a guided/group trip?

No, Parkbus only provides transportation to Honey Harbour / Parks Canada parking lot from where you can catch the ferry over to the National Park. This is not a group trip, and what you do once you get off the bus is up to you!

Can Parkbus offer extra stops on demand?

Unfortunately we cannot do it for many reasons, including safety, liability and our agreements with the park and our partners. However, we are constantly reviewing our operations, and if you have any suggestions or ideas, including new stops for the future, do get in touch!

Are there places to buy food / camping equipment?

There are places to buy food and supplies in Honey Harbour - the small town where the bus makes the drop off. Once you are on the island, you have to be self-sufficient - while drinking water may be available, you definitely need to make sure you have food and supplies to last you for the stay.

The park does offer bike rentals, and firewood / ice may be available for purchase - do check with them on the latest.

Is there cellphone reception in the park?

Depending on your operator you will get anywhere from full 3G to nothing at all. For most major operators, there will be at least some reception.

Can I bring pets or bikes on the bus?

You can bring pets on the bus (pet fee applies) but they are not allowed on Parks Canada Daytripper Ferry - you will have to arrange your own water taxi if you want to bring a pet over. We also have limited number of spots for bikes on the bus, but you will have to check with us to see if spaces are still avaialble beforehand, and you will not be allowed to take bikes on Parks Canada ferry - water taxi will be your only option.

Are there bears? How do we hide our food overnight without a car?

Bears (though extremely rare on the island), raccoons, chipmunks and other wildlife are attracted to human food, and you must take precautions when it comes to food storage. Parks Canada provides food storage containers that you must use to store anything that may attract wildlife - this includes perfumes, garbage and anything else that may have strong smells.

How much luggage can we bring on the bus? What about bikes?

We run 56 seater passenger buses on this route, and generally you can bring suitcases, backpacks, coolers, and other camping equipment. We allow up to 2 bikes per bus, on first-come, first-served basis where you have to call us in advance and reserve your spots.

Folding bikes, and folding/inflatable kayaks do not require pre-approval as long as they do not take more space than a large suitcase would - if you are not sure, give us a call! Regular canoes and kayaks are NOT allowed as they will not fit.

Fireworks, firewood, and firearms are NOT permitted on board or in the luggage compartment.

Is there bathroom on board?

There are bathrooms on board most buses.