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Since 2010, Parkbus helped thousands of Canadians reach the great outdoors. Whether it's a daytrip, a family camping weekend, or a wilderness expedition, we will get you there!

Hon. Bardish Chagger, Canada's Minister of Tourism and Small Business, and Kelly Lindon, Mayor of Centre Wellington at Parkbus Launch event in Elora Gorge in May 2016

Hon. Bardish Chagger, Canada's Minister
of Tourism and Small Business and Kelly Lindon,
Mayor of Centre Wellington with Boris Issaev
and Alex Berlyand at Parkbus Season Launch
event in Elora Gorge in May 2016
National Geographic 50 Smart City Ideas List

Parkbus was born in 2010 as a private initiative by a group of outdoor enthusiasts, who wanted to make outdoor destinations in Ontario accessible by public transportation. We started small with a pilot project to connect Toronto and Algonquin Provincial Park on a few select weekends. After meeting with Algonquin Park's team and working out the details, the service became a reality in the summer of 2010.

After a successful 2010 season, Parkbus became a project of Transportation Options (T.O.), a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering sustainable tourism and transportation in Ontario. Since 1992, T.O. has worked collaboratively to research, develop and promote new initiatives that are integrated, environmentally sound, healthy, service oriented and focused on improving the experience of users. Other projects of Transportation Options include award-winning Bike Train Initiative and the Ontario By Bike.

Passengers drop-off in Killarney

Passengers drop-off in Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario

In 2011 Parkbus expanded its cooperation with Ontario Parks, and received sponsorships and grants, including Tourism Development Fund grant from the Ontario Ministry of Tourism. This critical support allowed us to expand the Algonquin service and to start developing new routes to Grundy Lake and Killarney Provincial Parks.

In 2012, Ontario Trillium Foundation made a crucial commitment to Parkbus project with a two year grant, allowing the initiative to expand and grow.

Boris Issaev and Alex Berlyand at 2014 Canadian Tourism Awards

Over the next few years, Parkbus has been recognized by the industry, media and thousands of passengers, winning Tourism Entrepreneurship Award at the Canadian Tourism Awards in 2014, and being named the Tourism Innovator of the Year Finalist at the Ontario Tourism Awards in 2013. The services was profiled by the international media, including the National Geographic, that listed it in the 50 Smart Cities Idea list in November 2014.

Hon. Michael Chan, Miniter of Tourism Culture and Sport at Parkbus 2012 Season Launch

Hon. Michael Chan, Minister of Tourism,
Culture and Sport at 2012 season launch

In 2016 Parkbus joined forces with Vancouver-based Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST) to pilot service from the city to select BC Parks destinations. Following a successful pilot, BEST officially adopted Parkbus as one of its programs, opening a new chapter for the project. In the same year Parkbus developed Halifax - Kejimkujik route in partnership with Parks Canada.

As Parkbus enters its 8th year in 2017, service out of Vancouver and Halifax is set to grow, as Montreal is becoming the latest city on Parkbus network through partnership with Navette Nature - a young company providing transportation to Quebec parks from the city. Two new programs are becoming part of Parkbus, including the Naturelink (an initiative to connect new Canadians to nature, started by Julia Bitan in 2016) and ActiveDays (unique day trip experiences organized in partnership with local organizations).

Parkbus Team

Boris Issaev

Co-Founder & Project Manager

1-800-928-7101 ext. 706


Alex Z. Berlyand

Co-Founder & Operations Manager

1-800-928-7101 ext. 707


Zoe Silverberg

Naturelink Program Coordinator

1-800-928-7101 ext. 705


Walker Kitchens

Active Days Program Coordinator

1-800-928-7101 ext. 708


Lindsay Young

Marketing and Communications



Nick Luelo


1-800-928-7101 ext. 709


Louisa Mursell

Executive Director, Transportation Options


Jennifer Miao

Finance & Administration


Stephanie Williams

General Manager, BEST


Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are key to the success of the project, and every season these talented people dedicate their time and energy to Parkbus participating in . If you are interested in joining our team this year, please take a look at the program description, and feel free to get in touch with us.

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